How the courses are framed

There are a few levels to how our courses are laid out.


The 101 courses are designed to give an overview of the topic, and will give pointers and links to follow on courses that can deep dive more into tips or techniques to assist and help.

Specific Topics

These courses cover a specific topic or topics in more detail. Normally these will be taken by someone in order to solve a specific topic (e.g. how to make visuals). When someone takes one of these courses, it is assumed that the person understands the basic diagnosis or needs to assist a child or adult already.

How the courses are designed to be followed.

All 101 courses

Communication Passports

What are Communication Passports, how to create them, and why you always need them for children and adolescents with communication difficulties. Presented by Marijke Morris SLT

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Down Syndrome 101

A short introduction to Down Syndrome, what it is, and the most common presentation in children. Presented by Marijke Morris SLT

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Speech Sound Disorders 101

A short introduction to Speech Sound Disorders, how to recognise them and help support a child who may have one. Presented by Jennifer Grundulis SLT

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AAC 101

Total Communication and AAC 101. What the term AAC covers, what types of AAC there are, and how to support an AAC user. Presented by Marijke Morris SLT

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ADHD 101

Short to the point course outlining what ADHD is, how it presents, and key steps you need to take to support a pupil in the classroom who has, or is suspected of having it.

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Autism 101

A short, to the point, helpful course in order to quickly get to grips with supporting someone with Autism. Presented by Lisa Domican CEO & Founder GraceApp

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