Reflective Practice

In order to get the most out of learning, especially Online learning, it is vital to use Reflective Practice.

Reflective Practice offers opportunities for learning within your professional role. It also increases and cements learned and experiential knowledge.  In addition it helps you marry and reconcile your newly acquired knowledge with what you already know, as well as help you lay a plan on how to implement this in the future.

CATTS Online Training uses a very simple model to help with Reflective Practice. This is applicable to any industry and course, and will allow you quickly ascertain the following:

  • Identify the problem you want to solve (current or future)
  • Ascertain if the course meets your needs.
  • Active note taking during the course.
  • Reflect and review learned content.
  • Conceptualize how to use the content in real world environment
  • Plan/Do to achieve this use in your own environment.

Optionally, you can return to the course to do a WWW/TALA sheet to help troubleshoot or problem solve.

Learning Cycle through experience.

Our Reflective Practice Template will ask the following.

  • What are MY 3 Key takeaways from this course?
  • What ways can they be implemented in my job role?
  • What is the FIRST STEP I need to take within 48 hours to begin implementing this?

You can upload your own (or your place of work’s template for RP), or you can download our format here:
[purchase_link id=”36148″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”CATTS Reflective Practice Template”]

Afterwards, you have the option to return to the course, and take the optional REVIEW stage.

We would suggest you do this 7 days after the course, 30 days and 90 days.
If the relevant course has an associated Discussion group, this can assist you. (Not all courses will have this facility as it depends on the course topic)