Practical Techniques to help a child’s communication

Children with communication difficulties need extra practice. Typical kids need hundreds of repetitions of a word to learn a word (except for swear words) and kids with communication difficulties often need more than that.

When you create communication opportunities, you make sure that your child practices their communication skills. And as we all know, practice makes perfect!

The techniques in this course are the foundation skills needed to ensure your child gets the best consistent opportunities to communicate and learn.

Think of it like watching a game of football. ‘All’ that the player really does is repeat the same core skills over and over again during the duration of the game, long kicks, dribbling, heading the ball, etc.  How well the player practices each individual skill and learns to combine them makes the difference.

It is the same with assisting a child to encourage communication – whether that child is pre-verbal or at any stage of language development.   Each video snippet of the techniques are designed to be viewed frequently by you, or those with whom your child regularly interacts with, grandparents, childminders, older siblings etc.

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