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Taking the stress out of Working From Home

Avoid Pitfalls, Tips, and Good Practices Quick, easy and effective strategies for making changes to your day to day work from home life that will reduce anxiety and stress plus give you back more time.This course will help you start ‘working from home’ and stop ‘living at work’. Takeaways: What’s changing. The TWO types of …

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Conflict Resolution & Dealing with ‘Difficult People’ :)

Conflict is inevitable at some stage whenever two or more people live, work, or spend time together. The main difference between this having a negative impact is on how people approach issues, disagreements, and differences of opinion. You can’t ‘control’ the other person, but you can control how you respond, and this, in turn can …

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Mindfulness 101

View Part One below now… Presented in a light-hearted, direct style, the purpose of this course is to share the information on mindfulness, and then for you to decide for yourself how you want to use it in your life. It will give you an understanding of what mindfulness is, and how you use it.So …

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Vocabulary Enrichment from Junior Infants to Leaving Cert

Supporting children with language impairments towards developing age-appropriate vocabulary Written and presented by Niamh Egan, Senior Speech & Language Therapist. Vocabulary is exceptionally important in helping individuals access new learning, and new opportunities – both inside the school system and as a predictor of future success. For the Speech and Language impaired child, this is often …

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Understanding & Addressing Challenging Behaviour

Written and presented by Lisa Domican of GraceApp and Autism 101, this short course teaches you how to objectively assess challenging behaviour using the A-B-C method. This short course is FREE. You do need to log in to view or access it however. You can direct Preschool. Primary or Secondary school staff to access this …

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Behaviour 101 (Exploring Behaviour)

Once you understand how it works, and how you filter other people’s actions, it helps you in turn, to better understand them. Once understanding has started, then helping the other person becomes easier. Our wonderful presenter, Jacci, from Jacci Jones Coaching calls the steps needed to understand all this, an ‘Exploration of Behaviour’. In this …

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What is Attention, and how can we help kids ‘tune in’?

Communicating PAIN

Being able to successfully communicate the source of, and even cause of, pain is vitally important in a young child or a person with communication issues.

Behaviour – An overview

Short overview about behaviour. This topic comes up a lot in requests from parents, teachers and carers alike. But… what is behaviour? After this course, you may wish to take:

Behaviour – Using Social Stories

A social story is a great tool to help manage expectations, which can often lead to a reduction in what is often termed ‘Problem behaviour’.

Communication Passports

Speech and Language Therapist Marijke Morris outlines what Communication Passports are, how to create them, and why you always need them for children and adolescents with communication difficulties. If there is ever a ‘Silver Bullet’ item, when done well, that can help family members, teachers, SNAs and carers to work together to ensure a child …

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Voice Care Toolkit

This content is available to CATTS Voice Therapy clients only. It is also available as part of the ‘Voice Care for Teachers & SNAs’ course.   You will have received an access token from your Speech Therapist in order to view the toolkit.

Practical Techniques to help a child’s communication

Children with communication difficulties need extra practice. Typical kids need hundreds of repetitions of a word to learn a word (except for swear words) and kids with communication difficulties often need more than that. When you create communication opportunities, you make sure that your child practices their communication skills. And as we all know, practice …

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5 Critical Mistakes Parents of children with communication difficulties make

There are some common things which every parent goes through when they suspect, or are informed that their child has a communication difficulty. Parents: This short talk does not seek to tell or suggest to avoid them, it does however outline what they are, so that you know that it isn’t just you, all parents …

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Lámh Courses

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